Do more adventure, less editing.

With the camera that edits videos for you.

Frodo and App

It’s as easy as strap, shoot, and share.



Revolutionary strap-on design
to take on any adventure.

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Shoot high-definition videos at
just a touch of a button.

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Auto-edit hours of footage into
ready-to-share videos instantly.

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In the News

“It saves you the hassle of editing footage in the longer run,
courtesy an Evolutionary Algorithm on board.”

“Frodo enters a product market that includes the well-established GoPro lineup,
but with more focus on the simplicity of attaching a camera, shooting video, and sharing with viewers. ”

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“Now no need to buy bulky expensive mounts and put them on and off.
Nor do you need to carry a lot of camera equipment. ”

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(It takes away the hassle of editing by making sharing a video as easy as sharing your photos.)

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“A strap-on camera that shoots and edits video on the fly
is just the thing the world needs.”

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“This Mumbai-based startup has clearly been inspired by
one of the most beloved adventure stories ever written.”

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“Drones to wearable cameras,
these IIT-Bombay alumni are transforming the way videos are viewed and edited.”

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