If you've got more questions, feel free to write to us and we'll do our best to answer them.

  • What is the size of Frodo?

    Frodo measures 44.7mm x 44.7mm without the straps.

  • Which phones are compatible with Frodo?

    Frodo is compatible with iPhons running iOS 7 and above, and Android smartphones running Android 4.0 and above.

  • How does the cam-to-app syncing happen?

    The Frodo app connects over Bluetooth and WiFi with the camera, but automatically syncs the footage over WiFi only. This automatic syncing can be turned off if you are running short of space on your smartphone.

  • What format are the videos/photos?

    The videos are MP4 with H.264 compression and the images are in JPG Format.  

  • What is the intelligence behind the auto-edit function?

    Frodo analyses the image and sensor data and uses evolutionary algorithms to intelligently craft out ready-to-share stories based on the profile (Genius, Action, Calm, Faces, Instagram) you choose.

  •  What is the battery life of Frodo? What happens when the battery runs out?

    Frodo records up to 1.5 hours of Full HD footage. And before switching off, autosaves the ongoing recording so you never lose your footage.

  • What if my phone battery dies? Will Frodo only work if the app is active?

    Frodo can record without the app as well. So you can shoot and record directly without bothering about your smartphone’s battery.
    However, Frodo’s editing process lives on the app as it syncs the footage automatically and creates ready-to-share videos instantly. So the next time you stop for a break, we recommend you charge your smartphone, so the app can keep doing its magic.

  • Can I replace the battery?

    Frodo is designed to be waterproof without any casing, and hence has a built-in battery. This means that the battery by itself is not replaceable. You can alternatively choose to buy additional straps/battery packs for your Frodo.

  • Do I need a connecting cable for Frodo?

    No, you do not need a connecting cable for data transfer or for battery charging purpose. Frodo is wireless and automatically syncs with the app to transfer data. For battery charging, Frodo works in a plug-and-play manner. With an in-built USB connector, you can directly plug Frodo to a power bank or a laptop.

  • How long does Frodo take to charge?

    Frodo's charging time varies depending on the type of power source. Although a standard charger will take 2 hours to charge Frodo along with the strap.  

  • How and where all can I mount it?

    With Frodo, the world is your tripod. Wrist. Forehead. Bike. Or even a tree. Simply strap-on Frodo to kick-start your adventure. You can also use your old mounts with a simple adaptor. 

  • Is there a prototype that I can see?

    Yes. We have limited prototypes and you are welcome to come down to our office and have a look. 

  • Does Frodo come with a warranty?

    Yes. You'll get one year warranty against manufacturing defects.