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Nexgear Launches Crowd-funding Campaign for Frodo:
April 4th, 2016

The best part, it learns your storytelling style and creates videos you’ll love to share.

NexGear announces the launch of its Indiegogo campaign for Frodo on 4th April, 2016 at 5 p.m. IST. Frodo - The Most Intelligent Adventure Camera edits hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos instantly.

“Frodo starts where current action cameras holdback. Adventures are all about breaking free. But today’s cameras either bind you to an editing table or to multiple bulky devices and accessories. So we wanted to tackle both issues by re-designing the action camera and integrating intelligence in it”, says Amardeep Singh, Co-founder.

After spending over 18 months working tediously on the idea, the NexGear team is now ready to share Frodo with the world.

Rahul Vats, Co-founder says, “Frodo is ready. The intelligence is ready. But we need support to bring Frodo into production. We’ve done our best in creating the perfect adventure camera, but need one final push to make it available to the world. We’re hoping the Indiegogo funding campaign will do just that.”

By gaining the support of backers through Indiegogo via pre-orders, NexGear intends to reach out to gain evangelists and early adopters from the adventure community across the world.

Starting April 4th, Indiegogo backers can pre-order Frodo at a special early bird price of $149 (16GB Frodo) with an estimated delivery time of November, 2016 - right around the holidays.

Frodo has a recording time of 1.5 hours at 1080 HD and is currently available in two options - 16GB & 32GB (with future plans to launch a 64GB version).

It was unveiled to the world earlier this year at CES 2016, Las Vegas and has received a lot of support and encouragement from the tech community since. It hasn’t only been loved internationally; it’s also grabbed attention closer to home as well being listed as one of the Top 5 Hardware Start-ups in India by Qualcomm, as well as the first adventure camera from the Indian shores.

More About Frodo

Intelligent-Editing: Frodo is the first adventure camera to use Evolutionary Algorithm that edits hours of adventure footage into ready-to-share videos instantly.

Strap is the new mount: Frodo tackles bulky and expensive competitors who need multiple mounts and accessories with its sleek, yet rugged design that’s easy to strap anywhere – Wrist. Forehead. Bike. Or even a tree.

Modular design: Frodo’s design makes it easy to carry everywhere and attaches to a battery pack for those long shoots that are so hard to get away from.

Fastest Boot-to-Shoot: Frodo’s fastest boot-to-shoot time of 0.7 seconds is 4 times faster than current adventure cameras and lets you capture the unexpected in every adventure.

Sharing. Not storing: Frodo’s combination of hardware and software makes sharing an adventure video as easy as sharing a selfie. So instead of piling up videos on a hard drive, you can simply share them on the go.

About NexGear

NexGear is a tech startup in Mumbai with a focus on developing seamlessly wearable devices. It is driven by a core vision to better the way people capture and share their adventures. Made up of a bunch of travel, adventure, and photography enthusiasts who also happen to be engineers and designers - NexGear is a family where each member contributes in their own unique way to build world-class innovative products.

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